The children have the freedom to choose their own activities which are available in class. By doing this the children become enthusiastic learners. Learning becomes an enjoyable process. Activities are given on individual basis, in small groups or collectively. This helps the child to adjust to the new environment. The teacher is also able to learn more about the child and his individual needs.

Activity sheets are prepared to reinforce the concepts given by the apparatus. Art & Craft is an integral part of the learning process. A number of outdoor activities like swimming, aerobics, cycling and swings are also available for the children. Inter and intra class competitions are held throughout the year which helps children to recognize their inherent talents and also helps them to develop a competitive spirit.

Class I – X

The curriculum for classes I-VIII is designed keeping in view the system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).CCE is an evaluation technique to provide holistic profile of the learner through the regular assessments of scholastic and co-scholastic domains of the learner. This scheme aims at making evaluation an integral part of the teaching-learning process. It helps to identify the learning gaps and makes it possible to take remedial and enrichment measures specific to each learner.

Period of assessment, April to September, September to March,  September, October-December, December-March, March

 Type of assessment,   FA  1,   FA  2,    SA 1,    FA  3, FA  4,   SA  2

I-X,     10%,    10%,     30%,     10%, 10%,    30%

Play Group to Prep

We consider the time we have with the children very precious as these early years of school life will set in motion life-long habits, behaviors and expectations. We want them to enjoy coming to school as then they will be emotionally engaged during their time with us and leave us with a thirst for learning.

The smaller they are, the bigger their imagination. The foundations of literacy are laid down in these formative years and it is a mammoth responsibility for educators to nurture a love for learning in the young impressionable minds. A responsibility, which we are proud to say, is carried out to perfection at LSS. The family-like atmosphere and doting educators ensure that the weaning process from home to school is smooth and fun-filled. The student teacher ratio is as low as 1 teacher per 10 students. We work in tandem with parents for the simple reason that we are working towards the same goal – the evolution of the children.

We want our school is filled with the sounds of success, recognizing the gifts that we believe God has given to all of us and celebrating the achievements of everybody who serves our school community.

Education is imparted through concepts and not facts. Children learn and assimilate much more when they do things with their own hands. Keeping this in view we have devised an activity-oriented curriculum.