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Our Faculties

Who We Are:

Our large staff of Faculties includes graduate and post-graduate professionals and high school teachers who teach in wide ranging subject’s personal touch who can discover the student’s strengths and challenges in learning. We are committed to helping students succeed in their education.

Our teachers bring into the classroom their extensive scholarship and wide-ranging real-world experience and have ability to get their students to buy into, believe in, and to be motivated to become lifelong learners.

How We Work:

Our Teacher provides expertise, experience, encouragement, and motivation. They do not provide “answers,” but rather assist in problem solving, in getting answers. The challenge is to focus on assignments within the context they are assigned.
Our goal is to bring each student to the desired academic level as quickly as possible. In order to help your child succeed, he or she will receive individualized instruction from our staff of experienced teachers. We work to reduce stress and build confidence by starting each student at a level that he or she can handle and then progressing through the grade levels as rapidly as they can.
Our teachers are also provided lots of opportunities to develop their skills. They are taken for outings/picnics with their respective teachers to create a special bond between them and we take special care of our slow learners by providing them with remedial (special help) classes.
Every week the visiting teacher is expected to devote 6 hours per working day to our school (Monday- Saturday). During the stay, the visiting teachers shall provide lessons/teaching sessions to the students of Learning Step School and in this they shall have full freedom of choice of methods, techniques and manner of teaching/instructions. During the stay of the visiting teachers, our school shall provide proper working space/room to perform their work and the school shall cater to all the miscellaneous needs of the teachers.
We invite teachers of Kindergarten, Primary section and subject specific teachers for Mathematics, Science, English, Arts, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Environmental Studies who are already teaching in an educational institution to apply for this program.